According to our traditional festivities, Corpus Christi for this year is scheduled for Thursday, June 16th. It begins a day before known as the “Corpus Entrance”, where the protagonists are 15 representations of Saints and Virgins who are present in the basilica of the Cathedral of Cusco, leaving their parishes each with their respective troupes within them the musicians, dancers and all their faithful who accompany them to the cathedral. These images stay inside the cathedral until Central Day. This date is long-awaited for many cusqueños and tourists to try the delicious typical dish of Chiri Uchu (cold dish), this typical food is sold in the Plaza San Francisco in some stands, each one with its touch of flavor, the sale of this typical dish is at the entrance, on the central day and on the eighth of Corpus Christi.

The Central day begins with the traditional procession of the 15 images, the tour is throughout the main square and each one in the place that corresponds to them, Since the location has been respected for many years, very curious stories of the Saints and Virgins are also told.

These 15 representations of Saints and Virgins remain in the Basilica of the cathedral until the eighth, this day also being a holiday for the Mayordomos and their troupes and they are taken back to their parishes each one by the route taken at the beginning, it is like this that concludes this traditional festival of Corpus Christi.

Next, I will tell you the curious humanized stories of the Saints and Virgins:

SAN ANTONIO ABAD: It has a badge of a little pig. It is said that before entering the Cathedral, he pays a visit to Saint Peter and in the course of the conversation, the piglet is lost and they get a terrifying scare and which is found in the central market.

SAN JERONIMO: Takes a lion to the left side, who during the procession tries to get away; Since the lion wants to eat the little pig of San Antonio Abad.

San Jerónimo, leaves his parish at dawn, to start a race with San Sebastián and see who arrives first at the Cathedral, San Jerónimo is awaited by San Sebastián on the Avenida de la Cultura.

SAN CRISTOBAL: They say that he is one of the most attractive saints, with a robust body, and attracts a lot of attention during the procession. They say that he likes chicha de Jora (corn beer) and usually takes his trips to the Santa Ana neighborhood to try this delicious traditional drink, they also say that in one of his drunken sprees and when crossing the Saphy river he realizes that he did not bring the child and he had another child with him.

SAN SEBASTIAN: Known as the “calapatita” that is why his porters carry him on their shoulders with bare feet from his parish. They also say that he was a cavalryman in the Christian war, who died from an arrow tied to a tree.

SANTA BARBARA: They say that she was a princess and that she was too protected by her father and that she did not allow men to court her and she was locked in a tower, so much was her pain and she began to cry causing a rain with lightning and that is how she caused a fire in the tower where she was.

SANTA ANA: It is said that she has a very good friendship with San Cristobal for making a good preparation of the chicha de Jora, she is also known as “La Patrona de las Picanterías”, it is said that she is usually very angry days close to Corpus Christi; ¿since to find out who drank the chicha de Jora that she prepared? And she suspects that it was San Cristobal, ¡¡¡¡who drank my chicha, that not even the lees left!!!!!

SANTIAGO APOSTOL: He is known as the patron saint of Matamoros, it is said that they were friends with San Sebastián, both were in the Christian war and that he belonged to the infantry, they also say that one day Santiago borrowed San Sebastián’s horse, with the condition that he would return it, such action could not be done; since San Sebastián died arrowed.

In addition, there is a very curious fact, it is said that the Saints and the Virgins who participate in the Corpus do not want it to enter the Cathedral Basilica because it causes a lot of disorder inside.

SAN BLAS: His devotees say that the index and middle fingers of the patron’s right hand allude to “two more chichas, and we’ll go” and they also say that the altar boys who accompany him only “two are my children, the rest of who will it be”.

SAN PEDRO: He is the closest to Jesus, he is in charge of sending all the good and bad news of all those who meet in the cathedral basilica, on the eve of Corpus Christi. He usually communicates all the events that take place on the eve of the central day in a quite pleasant way in front of the Taytacha de Los Temblores. (Lord of the tremors)

SAN JOSE: They say that he is very jealous, he is very upset because the Virgin of Belén is greatly admired for her jewels and her flirtatious face by Saint Christopher and Santiago the Apostle, Saint Joseph’s jealousy is so much so that he sends the baby Jesus to hit with his crook, to an inopportune San Blas.

THE VIRGIN OF THE NATIVITY: Known as the Nati, it is said that she is the simplest and that in turn she is humiliated by the Virgin of Belén since she has a lot of luxury with her jewels and her walk with many silver decorations, during the Belén procession usually looks at her out of the corner of her eye saying “look at this nana” the one who takes care of the children, and Nati answers “I will be a nana, but honest”

THE VIRGIN OF THE REMEDIES: She carries three kilquitos (little children who show a lot of joy) on her sides and her back. It is said that a person wishes to have babies, the Virgin can grant the Miracle despite infertility.

THE PURIFIED VIRGIN: She is known for being “the millionaire” for having many jewels, she carries with her two turtledoves in a basket synonymous with “purification”, they say that she is the most beer drinker because without this drink there is no party.

THE VIRGIN OF BELEN: Known as the Patron Saint of Cusco, it is said that she is the most presumptuous of the Virgins, for having a very flirtatious face and for being adorned with many jewels all over her body, she is also known for preparing a delicious Chiriuchu

THE VIRGIN OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION: Known as “La Linda de la Catedral” she is named for her beauty, she is the hostess of her precinct, it is said that she is the most demure in the gloomy cathedral, but amid those eternal days She usually takes a little getaway to visit her friends, including the Virgen de Los Remedios, also known as the patron saint of the Archdiocese of Cusco.

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