New Year in Cusco


One of the most visited destinations for the celebration of the new year, the main stage is the Plaza de Armas, where many visitors from different places are present to enjoy free concerts and fireworks that are organized by the Municipality of Cusco. It is also the place where many local people carry out their lucky cabal and many foreign tourists are infected with these activities. On December 31, local people usually prepare for the reception of the new year, shopping for yellow flowers, the yellow mixture, yellow underwear, yellow grapes, and what can not be missing for midnight the famous suckling pig (pig), for the abundance of each family.
These cabals are carried out at midnight: The yellow grapes are to make 12 wishes and people are placed under the table, the yellow flowers for the flowering of their homes, the yellow underwear for work and money, the yellow mixture to spread around their houses. Also, many people walk with suitcases so that a trip they want will be fulfilled in the new year. The most important thing when visiting the city of Cusco is that all people are filled with a lot of positive energy.

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