How will Cusco Celebrate Holy Week in a Pandemic?

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It is a fairly traditional Catholic festival in the city of Cusco and its provinces. Where it leads to being able to travel this Easter, give yourself a getaway and be able to visit wonderful places that this beautiful place has.

Easter customs in Cusco:

Palm Sunday is the day that marks the end of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week. This Catholic holiday means for the people of Cusco moments of forgiveness and reflection, where many believers attended the mass that was celebrated in the Cathedral of Cusco, but due to the pandemic, many of these traditions were suspended. However, the Cusco population continues to have a lot of devotion towards the lord of the tremors, the sworn patron of Cusco, despite the fact that the procession has been suspended.

On Holy Thursday, the main authorities of Cusco carried out a procession to the Holy Sacrament and a mass commemorating the Last Supper, which due to the pandemic these Holy Week celebrations will be held virtually. Also, it was customary to visit seven churches at night.

On Holy Friday, in each family there are traditional customs, one of them is the preparation of the 12 dishes, with the most famous dishes of Holy Week, which allude to the twelve disciples of Christ. These dishes are prepared with products from each region. Therefore, to commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus, the people of Cusco put these dishes on their table between stews, main dishes and desserts.

On Glory Saturday there are no religious activities, since the doors of the temples are closed. But in this time of pandemic a virtual mass will be celebrated, celebrating the Easter vigil.

Finally, Easter Sunday begins with the first mass in the morning to listen to the homily, this will have three schedules in the morning. For all Christian Cuzco, the most important day, since the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated and thus culminating Holy Week.

All these masses will be broadcast on the Facebook pages of the Archdiocese of Cusco and the Cathedral Basilica of Cusco.

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