City Tour in Cusco (Morning / Evening)

Coricancha Temple, Sacsayhuamán, Qenqo, Puca Pucará, Tambomachay.


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City Tour Cusco

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The City Tour in Cusco is the beginning to have contact with the amazing Inca culture. Perfect tour that takes place in the mornings or afternoons, for those who want to visit the most important tourist attractions of the city of Cusco (Coricancha Temple, Sacsayhuamán, Qenqo, Puca Pucará and Tambomachay).

  • Duration: Half day
  • Frecuency:  Every day, upon reservation
  • Group: Group Service, Max 16 people.
  • What Includes?: Tourist transport bus, Official Guide, Drop-off (ends in the city center).

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Summary City Tour in Cusco

1. Cusco Cathedral

Our City Tour in Cusco begins with the magnificent Cusco Cathedral. Built between 1560 and 1664, this iconic structure stands proudly in the main square of Cusco, atop the former palace of Wiracocha. The façade showcases a stunning Latin American Baroque style, while the interior is adorned with exquisite canvasses, paintings, and cedar wood altars crafted by the renowned School of Cuscanian Art.

2. Qoricancha, Temple of the Sun

The next highlight of our City Tour in Cusco is the Qoricancha, also known as the Saint Domingo Convent. This building represents one of the finest examples of Inca architecture and engineering. The exterior features a fascinating blend of Incan and colonial construction, while the interior houses beautiful Biblical paintings depicting the life of Saint Domingo.

3. Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Complex

Our third stop on the City Tour in Cusco takes us to the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Complex, located on the outskirts of the city. This site offers breathtaking views of Cusco from its strategically situated mountainside location. The Incas’ engineering prowess is evident in the construction of this complex, which features massive megaliths arranged in a unique zigzag pattern.

4. Qenqo Archaeological Complex

As we continue our City Tour in Cusco, we visit the Qenqo Archaeological Complex. This site was used for religious and ceremonial purposes, honoring Mother Earth. The exterior features a semicircular amphitheater with trapezoidal niches, and remnants of a monolithic structure shaped like a puma, estimated to have been around six meters tall.

5. Pucapucara Archaeological Complex

Our City Tour in Cusco then takes us to the Pucapucara Archaeological Complex, known as “the Red Fortress.” The calcareous stones used in its construction have acquired a reddish hue from the surrounding terrain. Pucapucara served as a control point and rest stop for travelers entering the Inca city, offering food and shelter. It was also a refuge for the entourage accompanying the Inca king during his retreats to Tambomachay.

6. Tambomachay Archaeological Complex

The final destination on our City Tour in Cusco is the Tambomachay Archaeological Complex. Also known as the Inca Baths, this site was a resting place for the Incas, dedicated to water worship. It features a network of aqueducts and canals culminating in a large waterfall, showcasing the Inca’s advanced understanding of hydraulics.

Join us on this unforgettable City Tour in Cusco to explore these historical and architectural marvels that highlight the rich cultural heritage of the Inca civilization.



From 09:00am to 13:00pm

Places visited: Qoricancha Temple, Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Pucapucara and Tambomachay


From 13:30pm to 18:30pm

Places visited: Qoricancha Temple, Sacsayhuaman, Qenqo, Pucapucara and Tambomachay

Includes/ Not Included


  • Tour bus and guide

Not Included:

  • Tourist Ticket and Entrance ticket for the Temple of the Sun-Qoricancha.



  • Bring a small backpack
  • Wear the mask and face shield at all times
  • Bring sunscreen and hats and/or caps, etc.
  • Bring rain ponchos
  • Carry water at all times

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    To secure your spot on the tour of your choice, we invite you to complete the following booking form. This simple and quick process allows us to customize your experience and ensure that all your needs and preferences are met during the tour. Please provide us with the requested information, and we will be happy to confirm your reservation and provide you with all the necessary details to make the most of your adventure. We look forward to welcoming you on our next tour!

    Frequently asked questions about the City Tour in Cusco

    What does a typical City Tour in Cusco include?

    A City Tour in Cusco typically includes guided visits to the main historical and cultural sites of the city, such as the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Temple of Qorikancha, and nearby ruins like Sacsayhuamán, Q’enqo, Puka Pukara, and Tambomachay. It may also encompass some local museums.

    How long does a City Tour in Cusco last?

    Usually, a City Tour in Cusco lasts approximately half a day, around 4 to 6 hours. This can vary depending on the tour agency and the specific itinerary, but it’s generally sufficient to explore the main points of interest in the city.

    Is transportation included in a City Tour in Cusco?

    Yes, most tours include transportation to and from your accommodation in Cusco. This can be by minibuses, vans, or private cars, depending on the group size and the tour company. Transportation is important to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free experience during the tour.

    Is it necessary to book a City Tour in Cusco in advance?

    While some agencies may accept last-minute bookings, it’s advisable to book in advance to secure your spot, especially during Cusco’s high tourist season. This also allows you to compare options and prices among different tour operators to find the best deal.

    Is it recommended to do a City Tour in Cusco on the first day of arrival in the city?

    Many travelers opt to do a City Tour in Cusco on their first day of arrival to acclimatize to the altitude and get familiar with the city before embarking on more demanding excursions to the Sacred Valley or Machu Picchu. This gives them time to gradually adjust to the altitude and avoid altitude sickness.

    Are entrance fees to archaeological sites included in a City Tour in Cusco?

    No, to enter the archaeological sites and historical monuments that are visited during the tour you must purchase your General or Partial tourist ticket, but don’t worry, we will advise you so that you can make the purchase.

    What should I bring with me on a City Tour in Cusco?

    It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather, as Cusco can be sunny during the day but cool at night. It’s also recommended to bring water, sunscreen, a hat or cap, sunglasses, and a camera to capture the stunning landscapes and monuments visited.

    Is any meal included in a City Tour in Cusco?

    Generally, City Tours in Cusco do not include meals, but some agencies may offer options for lunch at an additional cost. However, stops are usually made at places where you can purchase snacks or drinks if desired. It’s important to verify this information with the agency before booking.

    Is it possible to customize a City Tour in Cusco according to my specific interests?

    Some tour agencies offer the possibility to customize the itinerary of the City Tour in Cusco according to your specific interests. You can request to add or exclude certain places of visit, or even combine the City Tour with other activities such as cooking classes or visits to local communities. This allows you to tailor the experience to your preferences.

    Is it safe to do a City Tour in Cusco in terms of health and security?

    In general, City Tours in Cusco are safe in terms of health and security, as long as you follow the tour guide’s recommendations and take basic precautions such as staying hydrated and protecting yourself from the sun. However, it’s important to be vigilant of your belongings and follow the guide’s instructions for a hassle-free experience.

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